Hawaiian Quilting ,    Hand Painted Fabric,   watercolor on Kapa,   fibre art.

'Koi No Bori' - Free form woven koi fish from hau bark, beaded tail on a bamboo pole.  Inspired by the boys days koi banner.

Watercolor on Kapa (bark cloth).  

Lokelani rose Hawaiian Quilt.  Pattern by Sharon Balai.

(approx. 4x6 wall quilt)

Koa Vessel with woven hau, protea leaf, glass beads on palm seed stems.  Koa vessel by Dan Washburn.

Handpainted cotton blocks in the Laua'e Fern pattern. Sewn into a wall hanging and machine quilted.

Kahiko Dancer woven from hau , with  Ni'ihau shell lei, hau and kapa skirt

wall Hanging made from felted wool, Kapa and echo quilting